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Roll-On Scented Oil
Jesse Caviasca

I purchased Equinox and Smudge roll on scents. Boy let me tell you am I obsessed with these scents. They smell absolutely amazing and last all day. I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to order some more in the coming months!

Salve Stick
For when I forgot to use the Bugger Off...

This was very soothing to a couple bug bites when I forgot the Bugger Off. And then I thought I'd try it on some eczema and it did a great job of relieving the itch. I love this!

And they bugger off!!!

A very nice scent, not overwhelming, but the bugs don't seem to like it! No more bitten ankles from walking out in the grass! I like how easy the tube makes it to apply. Thanks!

Love this soap!!!

I love the fun design and how it makes my kitchen smell fantastically yummy, plus it’s rich and creamy lather leaves my hands feeling so soft and moisturized. Definitely one of my favorites!

Excellent for sensitive skin!

I love that it’s unscented and so gentle on my skin. It’s very soothing and perfect for rough, dry hands!

Midnight Circle bathbombs are, as always, lovely, affordable, thoughtfully packaged, and relaxing. I've been a customer for years and will be for years more to come

10 stars if i could

I rave to all of my friends about your items. I cant even pick a favorite. Cucumber mint will be on my next order again my daughter loves the extra roll on Tranqulity i gave her and she always looks foward to the samples. Buddy always requests the bat soap lol.. This is my go to when i want to pamper my self...thank you for all your hard work!

New favorite soap!

I absolutely love this soap! The lather is so silky and creamy and leaves my skin happy, hydrated, and smelling good. The scent is light, clean, and refreshing - a perfect way to wake up. I'd also really love this scent in a lotion.

What a great bat! The Cozy Bat has such a delicious scent, and so creamy. I love it! Also got the Uplift Bat with its delicate citrusy scent. And supporting Bat World Sanctuary makes it more special. Thanks!

Soap Grab Bag
Elizabeth Brady
Great way to sample different scented soaps!

I love this idea so that I can try many different soap scents to see which ones I love the best. I have doing business with this company for several years and everything I have ever purchased has been of outstanding quality.

Elizabeth G.
I love it!

I love this lotion. It's creamy without being greasy and it makes my skin feel so soft. I ordered the Sea of Tranquility scent; it smells wonderful!

Face Magic

I've been using this on my whole face followed by the nightly serum. (In the morning I use the aloe and rose serum) My face no longer has any dry patches and is soft and smooth and happy. I also love the scent.

Roll-On Scented Oil
Nicole Hambleton

I ordered the Dragon's Blood and the Nyctophilia. Both were lovely and both lasted all day!

Nicole Hambleton
Sooooo Goooood!!!

Both of the lotions I ordered, the dragon's blood and the nyctophilia were absolutely exquisite - especially the dragon's blood! It's so hard to find dragon's blood that isn't permeated with earthy tones, but they really made it perfectly spiced and delicious-smelling. I will definitely buy this again!

Vanilla Bean Soap
Delicious soap!

Forbidden snack. It smells so good! And it leaves my skin clean and smooth and happy.

Good soap for a good cause

I love the pop of color this brings to my bathroom, but even more I love that it helps a good cause. This soap leaves my skin soft and moisturized and doesn't have a strong scent.

It's a good buy.

I like that it absorbs without much stickiness and I like the smell of plum potion.

Nevermore Bath Bomb
Tina Fultz poulin

Nevermore Bath Bomb

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Pink Salt Bar
Gillian Clinton
Refreshing Grapefruit

This beautiful rose clay and salt swirled soap, Pink Salt, has a rich, creamy lather and bright burst of grapefruit scent. Absolutely delightful, my skin feels soft and clean. It lathered up so good.
I think I am thoroughly spoiled for commercial bar soaps ever again. I am still amazed at every soap. I have had handmade soaps before from little kitschy shops in Ballston Commons and they cannot compare. This little bit of luxury makes me feel like I am pampered royalty. Get the grab bag if you can't decide what to get.

Soap for Hope
Lauren Anne
Gorgeous and fun

These bars are even more lovely in person. Their lather is creamy and moisturizing.

Spring Sakura Bath Bomb
Donna Tugman
Great products

I love all of the products! Thank you so much

Soap for Hope
Drusilla Grey
Lovely soap as always!

Not only is this soap beautiful and contributing to a worthy cause, it also leaves my skin clean and happy and moisturized.

Whipped Body Butter
Rich, Fragrant, Lovely

This whipped body butter is rich and luxuriously moisturizing without being greasy. It makes my skin shine and is fragranced perfectly - not overpowering, but doesn’t fade all day. I love it!

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Witch's Brew Soap
Gillian Clinton
Aromatherapy Love

This was like aromatherapy, I was so relaxed and happy sleepy when I snuggled into bed all smelling good. Perfect for winding down at the end of the night. Beautiful lather and delicately fragrant soap ♥
I may have a soap for every mood, just like my tea collection. This one is sleepy time for me.

This stuff is magical!