Frequently Asked Questions and Customer Care

  • Can I request a custom product?
    Yes, I'm happy to make a custom soap or scented item for you!
    This does require a non-refundable partial payment up front, and with soap there's a minimum number of bars to place a custom order. This helps me cover any cost of ingredients for your special batch to get started.  
    For pottery, feel free to contact me at vasara@midnightcircleshop.com to discuss any requests.

  • Shipping¬†
    Orders are processed within 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving your order confirmation. 
    Made to order items during high sales volume may be delayed by a day or two. Custom order items will ship within the agreed upon timeline for your custom project.
    Shipping charges for your order will be calculated and displayed at checkout. 
    We offer free shipping for orders over $75
    If you have any questions about shipping please email us, and we are happy to help. 

  • How do I check the status of my order?
    You will receive an email confirmation upon completing your order.
    A second email will be sent to notify you your order has shipped, and will include a tracking number you can use to check its status. Please allow 48 hours for the tracking information to become available.

  • Returns
    We want you to be happy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let us know by emailing vasara@midnightcircleshop.com so we can make it right.
    If you wish to return an item, we have a 14-day return policy.
    All refunds will be issued to the same form of payment as the original purchase. You can read more about our policies here.

  • How are you Eco-friendly?¬†
    Here at Midnight Circle, we made a promise to be as environmentally ethical as possible. That includes taking steps in how we package products to reduce our footprint. Our soaps are wrapped in biodegradable shrink wrap with labels made from recycled paper content. Every order we ship is proudly packed using reused materials to reduce waste and/or biodegradable packing materials. 
    We have partnered with Planet to offset our shipping emissions, and invest with every order into innovative carbon removal solutions.
    All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced, fair trade, and cruelty free certified. Or responsibly foraged, grown, and harvested right here free from pesticides, herbicides, and with extra love and care.
    We plan to continue to strive for solutions regarding packaging and reducing our footprint. Check out our blog for more details and news.

  • Do you sell Goat Milk Soaps?
    Yes, we do make and offer some goat milk soaps!
    All of our goat milk soaps are made using fresh milk, hand milked from our very own awesome goats. Because we only have a few goats that get to live like pampered pets instead of a big dairy herd, we only do a small amount of these special soaps. If you would like a certain scent or other ingredient in a goat milk soap, feel free to email vasara@midnightcircleshop.com to discuss a custom batch.

  • What about Vegan products?
    Nearly all of our products are 100% Vegan!
    The only non-vegan items we make are our goat milk soaps, and a few soaps that contain honey sourced from a small scale local apiary.  All other raw materials are vegan and purchased from suppliers that are Certified Fair Trade and Cruelty Free. Our sugar is never bleached, and we abstain from using palm oil in our soaps. We feel our commitment to sustainable practices includes only supporting ethical conditions as much as possible.
  • Do you¬†have unscented skin care products?
    ÔĽŅYes! We do offer unscented items that are 100% essential oil and fragrance free. Look for the "unscented" option with our Sugar Scrubs and Lotions. You can also find our unique unscented soaps¬†here¬†or by typing "unscented" into the search bar at the top of the site.
    See something you want, but there's no unscented option? Feel free to email vasara@midnightcircleshop.com to discuss a custom batch.

  • More questions
    If you have any question that was not answered here, or want additional details on anything outlined here, please feel free to email anytime!