Welcome to Midnight Circle!

I'm so happy to announce the official opening of this site!
It's been a big upgrade moving here, and I hope the new features will provide a better experience. They already are on my end as a creator ;)

To celebrate this unveiling of the new name and logo and everything here, there's a sitewide 7% off welcome sale going all weekend until 10:00 pm EST Monday. 

The new logo is inspired by my life here in the woods, and the magical feeling that first evening working with my kiln. That night, I looked up and saw the moon perfectly encircled by leaves from standing in front of the little kiln shed. Often when I see the moon here, I see her framed by branches, but that moment in particular felt special and the beauty of it really stayed with me.

It's been amazing having so much encouragement and support along the way. Huge heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported and followed my little shop on its journey here. I hope you enjoy my new virtual creative home. Welcome to Midnight Circle!

Midnight Circle logo
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