Thanks for an Amazing Year!

So much happened here in 2023. Looking back, it's wild to realize that was all in a single year. Here's a little recap of some big events for my little shop. 

The new website launched in March of 2023!  New logo, new look, and a new platform for me to learn my way around. I think the move was 100% worth it, and hope you do too. Over the course of the year, I've slowly been adding extra elements to this site, like our Rewards program, a build in Wishlist, and most recently a chat feature to enable a faster way to get in touch if you have any questions. I'm always open to keep evolving the way the site functions, so if you ever have any suggestions please let me know.  

My very own Kiln was another huge happening in 2023! I fired my first kiln load early in the year, and have managed my way through many successful bisque and glaze firings since then. With only one minor mini pumpkin mishap LOL. The ability to fire my own work has accelerated my learning curve, and deepened my love for working in clay. I'm so excited to keep learning, experimenting, and watching my handwork evolve. 

I started making videos. This is something people have asked about for a couple years. Honestly, I was just nervous to put myself out there like that. But I finally jumped in with both feet partly in thanks to the less intimidating short form format that has become common to see online in places like Instagram and TikTok. Turns out making clips to share is kinda fun, and I expect to continue. Let me know if there are any parts of what I do you would like to see :) 

The first Seasonal Collection was released on the autumnal equinox. Organizing my offerings into seasonal releases has been on my mind for a while- so having the first ever Fall Collection be such a success was a major highlight to my year. Seriously, I was over the moon with how well this was received. The Winter Collection came next, which also did great even though I made less that I wanted to. In 2024, you can expect to see four seasonal collections happen starting with Spring in March! More on that soon...

Thank you all so much for all of your support. Every message, every like, review, and each comment mean so much to me. Hearing that what I make brings a bit of joy into people's everyday is the best feeling in the world. I couldn't be doing all of this without you <3
2023 was quite a journey and I'm so grateful to have been able to share it.
Here's to another year of more growth, happiness, and exciting new things ahead!

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Thank you for continuing to make amazing stuff!!

Mark C Wagner

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