Bat Soaps Backstory and Sale

In honor of our anniversary, I felt it might be fun to share the story behind the Bat Soaps.  Everything I make is of course personal, that's the nature of hand made, but these soaps are especially near and dear to my heart.

Midnight Circle bat soaps
The bats are a collaboration between my husband and I.
My husband, who is also a maker of things and works in wood and metal, equally adores bats. Our mutual fondness for them stands out as a memory from the first day we met. We were both kinda nervous and just getting to know each other, walking around the waterfront in Alexandria well into the evening. As we were strolling along, a bat flew over head. We both simultaneously tried to point it out to each other, exclaiming in unison, "Look a bat!" the excitement causing us to bump into each other. It was one of those silly moments that just lights a little joy in the heart. We both felt a deep connection that evening, and that moment and laughter together that followed was part of it we remember well even years later.  
We keep seeing bats around, and every time one or both of is still excitedly points them out. Seeing a bat never gets old. When we moved here, we were thrilled to see bats flying so close to the house. It made this home feel even more like the place for us.
When I started talking about wanting to make a soap to help donate to bat rescue, he hand carved a flying fox out of mahogany wood for the idea. It's a beautiful, one of a kind design that I love so much and used to create molds for the Sanctuary Bat Soaps. 

Midnight Circle bat soap original wood carving

In honor of our anniversary, Bat Soaps are on sale!
12% OFF to celebrate 12 happy years together. Sale runs today, June 10th all week through June 17th. Sale discount will automatically show in cart.
Share the love and help save a bat <3

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